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General information

  • General information

    Minimum requirements – apply to university/college for persons who have completed secondary education in foreign institutions, according to the educational programs of international organizations or foreign countries.

    Competitive score

    The entrant’s competitive score, excluding studies in arts, arts, sports and theology, consists of the following components of the matriculation assessment subjects:

    • the main (first) subject assessment of the maturity exam, its weighting coefficient – 0.4;
    • the second subject or annual grade assessment of the maturity exam of (entered in the maturity certificate), its weighting factor – 0.2;
    • the third subject or annual mark assessment of the maturity examination (entered in the maturity certificate), its weighting coefficient – 0.2; this component of the competitive score consists of the assessment of any subject of the school leaving certificate that is not repeated with another subject of the competitive score, for which a state maturity examination is organized in the year of accession (the most useful assessment of the subject is used);
    • the fourth subject – the maturity exam of Lithuanian language and literature or another subject provided instead of the subject of Lithuanian language and literature, if Lithuanian language and literature is the first subject, the assessment of the maturity examination or an annual mark; weighting factor – 0.2.


    The competition queues are formed in descending order of points. Competitions take place and competition queues are formed for each group of state-funded study fields (study basket principle), and in the case of arts and education sciences – according to separate university study programs (in this case, universities have separate quotas). During a competition, the values of the competitive score, which is sufficient to obtain a state-funded or non-funded place, can vary greatly depending on the popularity of the study programs. In some fields of study, the values of the lowest entrance competitive score may be sufficient. It is therefore advisable to apply for at least a few programs when applying, which increases the chances of the entrant to become a student. Applicants with a higher competitive score will receive a state-funded study place.

    High school admission requirements



  • When to apply

    For courses starting in 2024 your application should be with us at LAMA BPO information system. If your completed application – including all your personal details and your academic reference – is submitted by the deadline, it is guaranteed to be considered.

    Key dates and deadlines

      • How to apply

        You’ll need to leave enough time to complete your application, resolve any queries and make sure it reaches us by the deadline. After you find courses and you’re ready to apply, we’ll explain everything in more detail, but here’s a brief overview:

        1. Contact the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) regarding academic recognition of foreign qualifications (Academic recognition is not required: European Baccalaureate Diploma Holders; since 2019 graduated qualifications in Latvia Atestāts par vispārējo vidējo izglītību or Diploms par profesionālo vidējo izglītību; since 2019 graduated qualifications in Estonia Gümnaasiumi lõputunnistus or Kutsekeskhariduse lõputunnistus) and regarding grades conversion and evaluation of study subjects (SKVC contacts: A. Goštauto g. 12, Vilnius, phone +370 5 210 4772, e-mail;

        2. Pass the  Lithuanian language test (if selected studies are conducted in Lithuanian and if the person has no proven record of language knowledge issued by competent authority);

        3. Complete the online application.

        4. Pass the entrance examinations (if required for selected study programmes);

        5. Enclose to your application the copies of document before deadline.

        6. Sign a study agreement with the higher school; if you need a dormitory, contact your high school directly.



      • Submission of the documents

        1. A certificate issued by Vilnius University regarding the test of Lithuanian language or document issued by other competent authority (an embassy, municipality or officially registered Lithuanian community of respectful country);

        2. Sport federations certificate and competitions Protocol (willing to study at the programs of sport);

        3. Documents issued by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education evidencing secondary education or equivalent received in non-Lithuanian higher education schools;

        4. A certificate issued by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education regarding recognition of study subjects and grades conversion;

        5. A document in Lithuanian, English or Russian language evidencing the status of a family member of the Republic of Lithuania, the European Union or a state of the European Economic Area.


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