Entrance tests

Where the chosen programme requires an additional assessment of the applicant's eligibility, you have to do a test, the results of which are recognised by all the vocational training institutions running the programme.
You can select (enter on your application) study programmes which require taking tests no later than 24 hours before the last date specified in the test schedule. The test results indicating your eligibility will be uploaded to the Centralised Admissions Portal and you will also receive an email notification.

When you register in the system and choose vocational training programmes requiring a test, relevant tests will be assigned to you in the TESTS section of the Centralised Admissions Portal. You can choose one of the scheduled test dates. In 2023, tests are only required for study programmes in the field of Information and Communication Technology. The test results will be recognised by all vocational training institutions implementing a relevant programme.

In 2023, tests are administered by the following vocational training institutions:
- VŠĮ Elektrėnų profesinio mokymo centras (Elektrenai Vocational Training Centre);
- Kauno informacinių technologijų mokykla (Kaunas Information Technology School);
- Vilniaus technologijų mokymo centras (Vilnius Vocational Training Centre of Technologies).

Where a programme requires an additional assessment of the applicant's eligibility, all applicants to the following training programmes must do a test:
- JavaScript Programmer Modular Vocational Training Programme (P43061303), (P42061303), (T43061306);
- Software Tester Modular Vocational Training Programme (T43061308), (P43061305);